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tola gold bar Tola Gold Bars

One tola corresponds to 0.375 ounce (11.1g). This unit of weight originates from the Indian subcontinent. It was standardized in 1833 by the British as 180 troy grains or exactly 3/8 troy ounce. However, the tola was in use much longer.

The most popular size is the ten tola bar. But there exist also one and 5 tola bars. With a fineness of .999, the ten tola bar is popular in India and the Arabian Gulf States. 999.9 ten told bars are also sold in Saudi Arabia. Most tola bars are produced in Europe and are widely traded in India, Pakistan, Singapore and the Middle East.

10 told bars have two distinct characteristics: Their edges are smooth and round, which is said to be ideal for smuggling. Second, they have no serial numbers. Round tola bars are often incorporated into jewelry (Pakistani marriage necklaces).

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