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Russian George the Victorious Coin

russian george the victorious gold coin Russian George the Victorious Coin

The Russian Georpge the Victorious Gold coins have been minted since 2006 as a 1/4-counce (7,89g) bullion. The issuer is the Central Bank of Russia, minting takes place in Moscow (ММД) and St. Petersburg (СПМД). The gold fineness is .999. Its face value stands at 50 rubles.

In the 2000s, the stocks of the gold coin “The Sower”, called Chervonet (Сеятель) came to an end. So it was decided to issue an new investment gold coin, which is the Gold George. The first year of mintage was 2006, with an initial circulation of 150,000.

The edge of the coin has 134 corrugations. Its obverse shows the emblem of Russian’s Central Bank, a double-headed eagle with its wings down – framed by a circle of dots, and the inscription Bank of Russia (БАНК РОССИИ), Fifty rubles (ПЯТЬДЕСЯТ РУБЛЕЙ), the gold fineness, the year of minting and the mint mark. The reverse depicts Saint George the Victorious on horseback, spearing a dragon. The coin was designed and sculpted by A. V. Baklanov.

The Central Bank plans to issue for 2012 a 1/2-counce coin with a face value of 100 rubles. The Gold George the Victorious had an annual production of 150,000 (2006); 500,000 (2007); 630,000 (2008); 1,500,000 (2009), 640,000 (2010). In 2011 now coins were issued.

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