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Polish Orzel Bielik Gold Coin

polish orzel bielik gold coin Polish Orzel Bielik Gold Coin

The Orzeł Bielik gold coin is a 24-karat bullion issued by the Polish National Bank starting from 1995. The weights and face values range from 1/10 ounce (50 zloty) to 1 ounce (500 zloty).

The Orzel Bielik has a smooth edge. The obverse depicts an eagle, the emblem of the Republic of Poland, the denomination and year of minting. The reverse bears a silhouette of a white-tailed eagle (Orzeł bielik in Polish), from which the coin’s name is derived, the weight and fineness of the coin.

The number of coins struck each year ranges between 500 and 25,000, making it a relatively rare bullion coin. The Orel Bielik is issued in a special plastic packaging (CertiCard), with a certificate of authenticity, unique number and brief description.

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