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pennyweight jewelry Pennyweight   All Facts

What is pennyweight?

A pennyweight is a not SI-conform mass widely used in North America as a unit of weight in the jewelry trade. It originates from the weight of a British silver penny in the Middle Ages. It is equal to 1/20 troy ounce, 1.56 grams and 24 grains. The pennyweight is abbreviated as dwt (also pwt and PW, former d).

The pennyweight was monetary and literally the weight of a British penny in the Middle Ages. It lost its official status in the UK and Ireland in the Weights and Measures Act of 1878.

The pennyweight is used in the measurement of previous metals. Jewelers as well as dentists use the pennyweight to calculate the amount and costs of precious metals when producing jewelry and inlays, resp.

A pennyweight is not equal to the weight of a British or American penny coin.

Pennyweight to gram
1 pennyweight equals 1.56 grams
2 pwt = 3.11 g
5 pwt = 7.78 g
10 pw = 15.51g

Gram to pennyweight
1 grams = 0.64 pwt
2 grams = 1.29 pwt
5 grams = 3.22 pwt
10 grams = 6.43 pwt

Pennyweight to troy ounce (gold)
1 pwt = 0.05 oz
2 pwt = 0.10 oz
5 pwt = 0.25 oz
10 pw = 0.5 oz

Troy ounce (gold) to pennyweight
1 oz = 20 pwt
2 oz = 40 pwt
5 oz = 100 pwt
10 oz = 200 pwt

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