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Kazakh Golden Irbis Coin

kazakhstan golden irbis coin Kazakh Golden Irbis Coin

The Golden Irbis is a 2009 bullion coin issued by the Central Bank of Kazakhstan and minted by The Kazakhstan mint of NB RK. The 24-karat coin (.9999 fineness) is available in denominations of 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz and one ounce.

The face value of the Golden Irbis ranges from 10 (1/2oz) to 100 tenge (1oz). In 2010 the Central Bank issued 2oz and 5oz coins with face values of 200 and 500 tenge, resp.

The edge of the Golden Irbis is reeded. The obverse of the coin shows in the central part the national monument of Kazakhstan. The bottom has the inscription of the coin’s face value (10 to 500 tenge). The words (National Bank of Kazakhstan) are written in English and Russian in a circular inscription.

The reverse depicts a snow leopard (iris). To the left is the year of mintage and the inscription “Golden Irbis” in English and Russian (АЛТЫН БАРЫС). The lower right side includes the coins’s weight (1/10 ounce to 5 ounce) and fineness of 999,9.

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