Gold Chart

Gold Rate in USA

What is the gold rate in the United States?

See the following charts for current gold rates in the USA. Of course, the official gold prices changes only during trading hours. Therefore, there is no change in the gold rate on the weekend and in the evening.

au0030lnb Gold Rate in USA

au0182nyb Gold Rate in USA

au1825nyb Gold Rate in USA

The US gold rate usually refers to the price set at the New York Commodities Exchange (NYMEX) which is a divison of the American Mercantile Exchange (AMEX).

The gold rate is influenced by several factors, such as gold mine production, demand in industry and by jewelry manufacturers. Other major market participants are central banks who either directly influence the gold price by selling and buying this precious metal, or by setting the interest rate. This means makes an investment in gold more or less attractive (as gold does not yield interests). Of course, the gold rate in the USA, and beyond is also determined by the supply and demand of investors.

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