Gold Chart

Gold Rate Live

Here is the gold rate live. The three charts include data of the last 30 days, the last six months and also 5 years.

Be reminded, that a live gold rate is of course only changed during trading hours. That is, gold rates that are set at New York Commodities Exchange (NYMEX) only change when the NYMEX is open. Therefore, gold rates do not change over night, or at weekends.

Of course, there are other trading venues around the globe. The most popular, with the longest tradition, is the London Bullion Market Association with its Gold Fixing. Here gold rates are ‘fixed’ twice each trading days, 10am and 5pm. An exception is Christmas when there is only a morning fixing.

The following gold rate live charts take show NYMEX and London Gold Fixing rates. The 30-day chart shows for each day two Gold Fixing rates – one for the morning and the other for the evening.

au0030lnb Gold Rate Live

au0182nyb Gold Rate Live

au1825nyb Gold Rate Live

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