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australian gold nugget coin Australian Gold Nugget

The Gold Nugget is an Australian bullion gold coin minted by the Perth Mint. Same as the Britannica, it was issued for the first time in 1987. Its initial denominations were 1 ounce, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 and 1/20. Later other sizes were added: 2 oz, 10 oz in 1991, and since 2010 1kg and 0.5g. The fineness ist 999,9/1000.

In the first three years, the reverse showed a gold nugget with the text “The Australian Nugget”. From 1989 on it was substituted with an Australian kangaroo, whereby the kangaroo type changed annually until 2006. Its designer is Stuart Devlin.

The obverse (front) side depicts Elisabeth II and until 2007 the year of minting, designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. Since 2008, the text on the coin was changed to “Australian Kangaroo” and the year of minting appears on the other side.

The 1 ounce coin has a face value of 100 Australian Dollars. The coins are sometimes referred to as “gold kangaroos”. The reverse of 1991 and 2010 sizes does not change annually. Here, the same “red kangaroo” appears on the coin every year.

In 2011 the Perth Mint produced a one tonne gold coin, setting a new world record for the largest gold coin (the previous record was held by the Royal Canadian Mint). The face value of the coin is A$ 1 million. At the time of minting the value of the cold content was 53-fold higher.

Another Australian gold bullion, also issued by the Perth Mint is the Lunar coin, showing each the current motive of the Chinese lunar calendar.

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